Immaculate Repairs for Car Scratches in Godstone, Horley & Wider Surrey| Auto Body Fix

Over a long enough time span, it’s more or less inevitable you’ll end up with scratched paintwork; there’s simply so many ways it can happen, from an errant key missing a lock, to a minor accident or even vandalism. Luckily, one of the areas that Auto Body Fix specialises in is the fast, affordable and most importantly, highly effective removal of car scratches. In fact, this is one of the most common services we provide at our Smallfield car body shop, to clients who visit us from all throughout Surrey, including nearby Godstone and Horley.

How Do Scratch Repairs Work?

As with other facets of bodywork repairs, the removal of car scratches can vary from job to job; the extent, nature and positioning of the scratches are all crucial in informing the appropriate techniques. However, clients visiting our Smallfield car body shop from Surrey locations such as Godstone and Horley, can typically expect the following methods to be applied:

  • For shallow scratches, polishing compounds are applied using a machine buffer to gently erase surface imperfections.
  • Deeper scratches may require sanding, where technicians use fine-grit sandpaper to level the damaged area. Following this, specialised rubbing compounds and polishing pads restore the paint's lustre.
  • For more severe damage, professional touch-up paint may be utilised. This paint is always carefully colour matched so that you won’t even be able to tell that it was previously damaged.

Once our technicians have finished removing car scratches from your vehicle, they’ll apply a protective clear coat to help protect the repaired area. The entire process – as with all aspects of bodywork repairs – demands precision, skill, and knowledge of automotive finishes to ensure a seamless restoration, leaving the vehicle with a polished, scratch-free appearance. That’s why, if you’re located in areas such as Godstone, Horley or surrounding Surrey towns, you should visit our car body shop for gold standard car body repairs.

To quickly deal with annoying car scratches and restore your vehicle’s aesthetics, visit your trusted local car body shop near Godstone and Horley. Book in today on 01342 457007.