Accident Repairs in Godstone, Horley & Surrounding Surrey Locations | Auto Body Fix

Have you recently been involved in a vehicular accident, one that has caused visible damage to your car’s bodywork? At Auto Body Fix, we know it can be a stressful, annoying and often upsetting scenario. Once the dust has settled, you’ll want to move past the incident. But when car dents, scratches or more significant signs of a collision are constantly reminding you of it, while impacting both aesthetics and road safety, it’s difficult to do just that! In these cases, consider visiting our Smallfield car body shop for accident repairs. We’re just a short trip from many Surrey locations, including nearby Godstone and Horley.

By employing a variety of modern techniques, and the type of specialist equipment you’ll only ever find at a fully equipped car body shop, we ensure our accident repairs fully restore your vehicle to its previous condition. And it’s not just the quality of the accident repairs themselves that make us the go-to provider in Godstone, Horley and other surrounding Surrey towns, but our impressive commitment to customer service. You can expect free expert advice, no obligation, competitive quotes, and even a convenient pick-up and drop-off service.

How Our Technicians Approach Accident Repairs…

After assessing the collision impact, our technicians will begin by dismantling affected components, addressing structural damage, and aligning the frame using advanced measuring systems. Auto Body Fix employs various methods, such as welding and panel replacement, to restore the vehicle's structural integrity, making it once again fit for the road. Unlike the general bodywork repairs we carry out for clients in and around Godstone and Horley, accident repairs often necessitate a more thorough examination for hidden damages, which might not always be immediately noticeable.

Rigorous quality control checks are conducted to ensure our accident repairs meet safety standards and manufacturer specifications. The complexity of accident repairs lies in addressing multifaceted damages, encompassing not just aesthetics but also structural and safety components, making the process more intricate and demanding heightened expertise compared to routine bodywork repairs.

Following a collision, call Auto Body Fix on 01342 457007 to arrange accident repairs. We offer a convenient pick-up and drop-off service in all Surrey locations surrounding Godstone and Horley.