Banishing Car Dents in Horley, Godstone & All Nearby Surrey Locales | Auto Body Fix

So many of us have felt that sinking feeling in our stomachs, having walked back to our parked vehicle to find a dent has mysteriously appeared in its side; likewise, many of us have experienced the true meaning of “having a bad day”, after a lapse in judgement or attention has seen us make firm contact with a bollard or similar obstruction. But while certainly an inconvenience, car dents needn’t be the end of the world; especially when Auto Body Fix, trusted car body shop for areas surrounding Smallfield, including Godstone and Horley, is on hand to intervene to swiftly banish car dents, restoring your vehicle to its former glory.

Known for our jaw dropping before and afters, our competitive prices, and convenient customer service which includes a local pick-up and drop-off service, our car body shop ensures your car dent repairs are delivered to the most stringent standards of professionalism. What’s more, we serve both domestic and commercial clients, and regularly undertake panel work on light commercial vehicles.

How Our Technicians Tackle Car Dents...

  • For minor car dents, we may opt for paintless dent repair (PDR), employing specialised tools to massage and reshape the metal without affecting the paint.
  • For larger or more complex car dents, our technicians might opt for traditional car dent repair techniques, involving careful application of heat, suction devices, or pulling methods.
  • In some cases, access to car dents from the reverse may be required. This may call for temporarily dismantling certain panels and components.

Whichever technique we apply to deal with car dents, the goal is always to restore the damaged area to its original shape. Likewise, it will always be followed by comprehensive refinishing processes involving priming and painting, to seamlessly integrate the repair with the rest of the vehicle's surface. Precision colour matching ensures clients around Godstone, Horley and wider Surrey get an immaculate end result, with no sign that the dent ever occurred in the first place!

Don’t suffer car dents any longer than you need to! Visit Auto Body Fix, top choice car body shop for Surrey locations including Godstone and Horley. Book in today on 01342 457007.